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One bottle makes the difference in Norway

With the slogan “One Bottle is Enough”, the Norwegian Team Rynkeby-God Morgon-rider Henning Aarekol, with the nickname “Pante-Henning” (“Deposit-Henning”) hopes to collect millions of Norwegian “kroner” to children with critical illnesses. The project has gone off with a fantastic start, but the ambitions go further. “I refuse to give up, before everyone in Norway has donated a bottle to the project.”

The project is as simple as it is genius.

The main idea of “One bottle is enough” is the simple calculation: if every Norwegian donates a bottle just once to Team Rynkeby-God Morgon, it will amount to around 12 million Norwegian kroner for the worthy cause.
And “who cannot spare a bottle?” was the reasoning of the two people behind the idea, Jan Michael Leifsen and Henning Aarekol, the latter also known as “Pante-Henning” (“Deposit-Henning”) from the local Team Rynkeby-God Morgon-team, Team Haugaland.

Team Rynkeby-God Morgon Norway started, for this reason, the project no more than a month and a half ago, and it has had a fantastic start. In the course of the first six weeks more than 90.000 bottles have been collected, and the number is currently growing with several thousands a day.

“We are not building castles in the skies. We do carry the wish, however, that we want your bottle. That’s what is so simple about this project. Deposit your bottle and donate the sum to Team Rynkeby-God Morgon”, encourages Henning Aarekol.

”We want everybody on board. Everyone in Norway has a bottle, after all”, he continues.

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Huge deposits are being made in Haugaland in Norway. Even the little ones help deposit.
(Private photos: Team Rynkeby-God Morgon Norway)

Norway stands together in depositing
In the last four years Henning Aarekol has been cycling to Paris with Team Rynkeby-God Morgon to benefit children with critical illnesses. Since the trip got cancelled this year due to Covid-19, he has been thinking in new and creative ways.

“While I was thinking, and then thinking some more, I realized that every day 300.000 bottles are thrown away in Norway. Then it hit me: We need those bottles,” he says enthusiastically.

Ever since the idea to deposit bottles was brought to the table on September the 18th things have been picking up in pace quickly. Six new teams in Norway has joined the project and more are on their way.

Families, colleagues, municipalities, schools, kindergartens and workplaces are part of the project. According to the country manager in Norway, Kenneth Baltzersen, the strength of the project is that it is easy to be part of.

”it is fantastic, and what is happening now, is that they have begun to compete amongst each other about who can collect the most funds. And all of this makes us go a long way,” he explains.

Letter to the Norwegian royal Family
But the ambitions go much further. The goal is to get a bottle from every single individual in all of Norway. And Henning Aarekol hopes that everybody will contribute. That’s why he sent a letter last week to the address Slottsplassen 1 in Oslo. Home of the royal family. 

“The King and Queen are Norwegian citizens. So I hope they have some bottles to deposit”, he says.

It is, after all, a project for everyone, as Jan Michael Leifsen emphasizes.

The whole philosophy around the Team Rynkeby-God Morgon is well and alive in this project. The idea with the project was to get as many new people as possible to be part of the collecting. Children, or adults with a bad economy, that, perhaps, has not been able to support Team Rynkeby-God Morgon in the past, now has the opportunity to contribute with a bottle. Everybody can be part of this,” he says.

This is also why the idea can easily be transferred to other countries, according to the two men with the initiative.

"It's about making it simple. If you can collect one bottle per person, the result will come all by itself.


  • The project: "One bottle is enough"was launched on the 18th of September in Norway.

  • Team Rynkeby-God Morgon in Norway has collected 90,000 bottles so far.

  • The goal is to collect six million bottles. That will amount to around 12 million Norwegian crowns in funds for the benefit of children with critical illnesses.

  • In the first parts of Norway, the goal of one botlle per person has so far been reached. They have on average collected 1.5 bottle per person.

  • Concretely the project works in the way that you collect your bottle and donate the deposit through your mobile phone to Team Rynkeby-God Morgon in Norway. It is also possible to get your bottles picked up by Team Rynkeby-God Morgon.

The children help bringing the bottles to deposit. The yellow bike is used creatively.
(Privat photos: Team Rynkeby-God Morgon Norway)

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