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Follow life on Team Rynkeby’s 54 teams. From the selection process in September until the arrival in Paris 10 months later. Tour News is there all the way.


Episode 12: 8 Days We'll Never Forget

Tour News Flashback: 15 July 2019


Episode 10: Training camp

Tour News: 4 june 2019


Episode 8: Teenager with lung disease challenges school class

Tour News: 13 April 2019


Episode 7: Tribute Concert for Irma

Tour News: 11 April 2019


Episode 6: The Team Rynkeby School Run provides hope for children like Conrad

Tour News: 5 April 2019


Episode 5: Meet Emma!

Tour News: 6 March 2019


Episode 4: International Childhood Cancer Day

Tour News: 12 February 2019


Episode 3: Filuca’s treatment may help children around the world 

Tour News: 31 January 2019


Episode 2: Cancer survivor Freja meets her idol from famous Swedish TV show

Tour News: 9 January 2019


Episode 1: Information meeting

Tour News: 21 September 2018

Team Rynkeby - hohes C: Let‘s meet in Paris

Team Rynkeby - hohes C: Let‘s meet in Paris. Watch the video here....

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