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28 teams will climb the summit of Mur de Huy today – see all the times here

28 Team Rynkeby teams will climb the summit today of the legendary Ardennes hill, Mur de Huy. Tour News is streaming LIVE from the summit all morning. See what time the teams arrive here.

Stage 5, Mur de Huy: It’s going to be a real celebration when nearly 1,100 Team Rynkeby cyclists from 28 teams from five different countries climb the summit of the legendary Ardennes hill Mur de Huy this morning.

The 1,300 metre-high hill near the town of Huy in Belgium is best known for being the place where the spring classic La Flèche Wallonne is decided each year, and where the Spanish star Alejandro Valverde scored a total of five victories.

In La Flèche Wallonne, cyclists must do three laps of a circuit that includes Mur de Huy. In Team Rynkeby’s world, the cyclists only need to climb it once, but it’s going to be a big challenge for many of them, and it has made the steep hill a bit of a legend among team members. 

“It’s as though the hill is getting steeper every year, but at the end of the day it’s just a hill like any other. But the atmosphere around it is just amazing,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

A challenge is ahead
In pure numbers, Mur de Huy is 128 metres from top to bottom and has an average gradient of 9.8%.

It will be the last 800 metres from Place St. Denis in particular that will pose a challenge to the Team Rynkeby cyclists.

Here the average gradient is around 13% – and around halfway from Place St. Denis it reaches its maximum of 26% at the infamous S-bend.

“It’s a matter of getting positioned all the way out to the right side of the infamous S-bend, so you avoid the steepest part of the hill. But even out on the right side it’s very steep, so a challenge is ahead for the riders,” smiles Carl Erik Dalbøge, who climbed Mur de Huy yesterday with Team Rynkeby Ringe.

A bit like Paris
Tour News will be LIVE streaming from Mur de Huy all morning so families and friends at home can follow the excitement on Team Rynkeby’s Facebook page.

“There’s an atmosphere around Mur de Huy that’s reminiscent of Paris. Some of the friends and family meeting Team Rynkeby in Paris on Saturday will stop by the ‘wall’ to be part of the excitement – just like many past Team Rynkeby cyclists are really interested in seeing how it all goes. That’s why we are going to LIVE stream the entire proceedings, so everyone at home can follow along,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Below you can see the times at which the different teams will arrive at Mur de Huy.

Østjylland: 8:45 AM
Østfold: 8:45 AM
Trekanten: 9:00 AM
Vestegnen: 9:00 AM
Haugaland: 9:00 AM
København: 9:15 AM
Bornholm: 9:15 AM
Riget: 9:15 AM
Vestsjælland: 9:30 AM
Odense: 9:30 AM
Øresund: 10:30 AM
Bodø: 10:30 AM
Holbæk: 10:30 AM
Østsjælland: 10:30 AM
Göteborg: 10:30 AM
Arctic: 10:30 AM
Hed/Opp: 10:30 AM
Rogaland: 10:45 AM
Midt-Vest: 10:45 AM
Bergen: 10:45 AM
Agder: 11:00 AM
Føroyar: 11:15 AM
Vestjylland: 12:00 AM
Søhøjlandet: 12:30 PM
Helsingborg: 1:00 PM
Skaraborg: Unknown
Nordsjælland: Unknown
Helsinki: Unknown

This story was translated from Danish to English by AdHoc Translations.

Mur de Huy - walk-through with Team Rynkeby

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