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Amazing atmosphere at the top of Mur de Huy

There is no other stretch of the Tour de Paris as famous and as feared as the legendary hill Mur de Huy in Belgium. And today, Team Rynkeby participants climbed the notorious hill one by one in the sunshine.

Relatives and other team members cheer along the route up and down the hill, the service team shouts out the remaining distance to the food depot at the top, flags are waved, and applause can be heard from miles away as the participants pedal their way up the 1,300 metre-high hill.

Although the experienced team members try to lessen the anticipation every year, in an effort to make other participants feel less nervous, making it all the way to the summit always shows an incredible fighting spirit and carries a lot of prestige. Which is understandable, considering the hill is not just high but also steep – with a maximum gradient of 26%.

See images from the day here:

Tour News Live from Mur de Huy - Part 1

Tour News Live from Mur de Huy - Part 2 

Tour News Live from Mur de Huy - Part 3


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