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Bianchi will deliver the bicycles earlier than expected – the first one has just arrived

Since the charity bike team’s Italian bicycle supplier has delivered the bicycles much earlier than expected, Team Rynkeby’s 54 teams now have optimum conditions for getting on the roads before the summer tour to Paris.

On first inspection, the newly unpacked, yellow Bianchi racing bike standing in the reception at Rynkeby Foods A/S looks like the bicycle Team Rynkeby used during the tour to Paris in 2018.

However, a German flag on the front fork and a ‘Team Rynkeby - hohes C’ logo on the upper tube are some of the clear indicators that the bicycle is in fact the first of the charity bike team’s upgraded 2019 model.

The Team Rynkeby Foundation’s Italian bicycle supplier, Bianchi, was not supposed to deliver the new Team Rynkeby 2019 racer to the participants before the end of February. However, production is going so smoothly that most of the more than 1,100 bicycles ordered this year will be delivered to the local bicycle retailers before Christmas.

– The plan is to deliver all the German and Danish bicycles to the local bicycle retailers in mid-December – more than two months ahead of schedule. This shows that our long-standing cooperation with Bianchi is getting better with each year, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of the Team Rynkeby Foundation.

The Team Rynkeby Foundation has asked Bianchi to deliver the first bicycles for the southernmost teams of the project since the mild climate in Germany, Denmark and parts of Sweden will likely allow the riders to get out on the roads earlier than their teammates further to the north.

The best bicycle
Just as last year, this year’s Team Rynkeby racing bike is built on Bianchi’s popular Intrepida carbon frame with a full 11-speed Shimano 105 groupset and Shimano wheels. It includes minor upgrades in design and comfort compared to last year – e.g. a better saddle, which Bianchi has high hopes for.

– This is the eighth time Bianchi delivers bicycles to Team Rynkeby, so this year’s bicycle builds on the experience we have gained through the years. The riders will get a bicycle that is fit for the purpose. It comes with good, reliable components, offers a comfortable riding position, which makes it ideal for the long stages, and the carbon frame is by far the best we have tried in the project. So the riders get a lot of bicycle for their money, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Indoor winter training
Even though the teams will get their bicycles before Christmas, most teams will not get on the roads until March.

– Most teams have arranged for access to indoor bicycles at local gyms, allowing the participants to train throughout winter. However, as we get nearer the sunnier season, the riders will naturally be eager to get out on the roads, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

But, for the time being, the teams focus on getting sponsors whose logos will be featured on the team jerseys. The deadline for this is 18 January 2019. Find out more here.






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