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Cycling became Caroline’s therapy after Lucas' battle with cancer

At the end of April 2014, Caroline Magnusson's world turned upside down. Doctors confirmed that the lump in her 3-year-old son Lucas' stomach was a malignant tumour of an unusual type of cancer. Thanks to successful research, Lucas is now in recovery and spends his time just like any other 8-year-old. But his illness has left its mark on Caroline. “Cycling has become my therapy, my way of healing from Lucas' illness,” she says.

Team Rynkeby - God Morgon Göteborg has just left their last stop in Belgium and crossed the border into France. Tomorrow, they will reach the French capital together with 2,100 cyclists from around Europe.

“I never thought I'd be here,” says Caroline Magnusson, who is doing her first tour with Team Rynkeby - God Morgon. “I was too scared to apply because I didn't think I would be able to do it. And even though it sounded like a great thing to do, I thought it was just for experienced cyclists.”

Discovering a lump
It has been five years since Caroline and her family's life turned upside down.

“Lucas got into our bed one morning and as I was feeling his stomach, I discovered a big lump. At first I thought maybe he just needed to go to the toilet. But a week later I felt it again and I started to worry, so I took him to A&E.

Everything moved very quickly after that, and it didn't take long before Lucas had surgery to have the lump removed. They waited nearly a month without hearing anything, and then we got the call.

“We had initially thought that the tumour would be benign, which a lot of them are, but unfortunately it turned out to be very aggresive. Within a second, we went from having a healthy little boy to a child battling cancer,” says Caroline.

The journey back
Thanks to successful treatment, Lucas is now a happy and healthy little guy. But even though it doesn't show on the outside, the marks of the illness are still there. Not least for Caroline.

“The healing process from Lucas' illness has been long, and I spend a lot of time thinking about him and processing everything that has happened while riding these long distances. It's become my therapy, my healing process. We had a 150 percent focus on Lucas the whole time he was undergoing treatment, so you tend to put yourself aside.


But he has moved on from the cancer, and now I have to do the same,” Caroline says.

Caroline continues to say that the project has given her more than she ever imagined.

“Everyone on the team is fantastic and you become incredibly close. I think Lucas can see himself doing this as well. He has told me that he is really proud of me for doing it. This experience has completely changed me for the better,” says Caroline.

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