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How to write a good application for Team Rynkeby

If you’re dreaming of joining Team Rynkeby this coming season, there are three things you should focus on in your application.

Applications for the coming season’s Team Rynkeby team are starting to come into the Team Rynkeby Foundation in a steady stream.

Sunday, 25 August is the deadline for applications for next year’s trip to Paris, which means that the local Team Rynkeby teams will soon face the major undertaking of reviewing the many applications.

According to Team Rynkeby Foundation director Carl Erik Dalbøge, there are three things in particular that the team captains look for when selecting their teams from among the many applicants.

“Our teams need to stand on three legs. The teams need to cycle, raise funds, and work well together socially. So a good application includes these three elements – what is your cycling experience? How do you see yourself raising money for the good cause? And how can you demonstrate that you’re a team player?” asks Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Keep it clear and concise
According to Carl Erik Dalbøge, it’s not necessary to write a long application to be considered for a place on the team. Quite the opposite. The most important thing is to show that you can make a positive contribution to the team on the three parameters mentioned above.

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“Some team captains have to read over 100-150 applications, so if all the applications are very lengthy it could turn into a long evening. A clear and concise application that briefly describes how you can contribute to the three parameters, and which also demonstrates that you have energy – that will increase your chances of joining the team,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Men and women, young and old
However, it’s not only the applicant’s motivation that determines whether they get a place on the local Team Rynkeby team. Part of the project’s DNA is that participants must reflect the community. This means that there must be a good distribution of men and women and a rational age distribution.

“It makes the team more harmonious and more fun to be a part of. We’re not a private club for middle-aged men who have unlimited time for cycling. We have a broad reach and want all parts of the community to participate – as long as the applicants can show that they have energy and enthusiasm and can make a positive contribution to the team. If the team captains can succeed in finding 50 people of that calibre for each team, then another amazing Team Rynkeby year is in the cards,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

If you want to join Team Rynkeby in the upcoming season, submit your clear and concise application on Team Rynkeby’s website no later than 25 August 2019.

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