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Magnus was diagnosed with cancer when he was 9 years old – Team Rynkeby is the best

Magnus Magnusson was just nine years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. So he knows better than most what children in the Faroe Islands have to endure when they become seriously ill and must be transported to Denmark for treatment – far away from family and friends.

Stage 6, Charleroi: It was many years ago that Magnus Magnusson was diagnosed with cancer. But the experience still haunts him.

We are enjoying breakfast at the hotel in Belgium prior to Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands’ penultimate stage on this year’s Tour de Paris to benefit children with critical illnesses.

While we eat, Magnus tells us about the six difficult months in which he was separated from his family and friends and admitted to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen together with his mum.

That was in 1996, and Magnus Magnusson was just nine years old.

His tonsils had begun to swell and he went to the doctor. A biopsy was taken and to the family’s horror, it turned out that Magnus had aggressive lymphoma.

“My mother and I were admitted to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen for six months – far away from my four siblings, family and friends. It was tough,” says Magnus, who pauses for a moment.

The experience still haunts him deeply. And even though he doesn’t remember all the details from those six months in Copenhagen, one aspect stands out very clearly for him.

”The Rigshospitalet staff is just awesome. They do an amazing job,” he says.

An amazing sense of community
Despite it being an aggressive form of lymphoma, it was quickly brought under control and after six months in Denmark, Magnus and his mother could return home to the Faroe Islands again – back to the family and all their friends.

A long period of time followed in which Magnus had to return to Denmark for ongoing post-treatment.

”At first it was every month. Then it became every second month, and little by little it became longer between check-ups. I was 18 for my last check-up, and today I’m completely healthy,” says Magnus, who this year is cycling in his second Tour de Paris with Team Rynkeby.

And the Team Rynkeby project has become an important part of Magnus’s life.

”It’s the best,” he says.

”There’s an amazing sense of community on this team. We stick together and look out for one another – and of course there’s the fantastic purpose we’re all riding for,” says Magnus Magnusson.

Tour News LIVE also spoke with Magnus Magnusson this morning prior to today’s nearly 200 km-long Stage 6. You can watch it below.

And if you’re thinking you would like to become part of the amazing group Magnus is talking about, you can apply to become a team member on the Team Rynkeby website.

This text has been translated from Danish into English by AdHoc Translations.

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