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Team Rynkeby begins taking orders for original team wear

Team Rynkeby’s characteristic yellow cycling wear has undergone a striking makeover prior to the upcoming cycling season. Team Rynkeby’s official 2018 team wear is now available in Team Rynkeby’s webshop.

When Team Rynkeby’s more than 2,100 cyclists – comprising 54 teams in seven countries – hit the roads for training this March and April, they’ll be doing so in completely redesigned cycling wear.

The charitable cycling team has just unveiled a new collection of team wear that is markedly different from previous designs.

The collection is now available for purchase in the Team Rynkeby webshop.

The team’s characteristic yellow is even more dominant in the new collection’s jerseys, giving them a more classic and elegant look.

Team Rynkeby is thereby keeping up with the trends of today’s international cycling fashion, explains Peter Konggaard, director and owner of Xtreme, which is supplying Team Rynkeby wear for the eighth consecutive year.

“The cyclists will probably notice that the jerseys are more yellow than in the past. The jersey features diagonal beams in five shades of yellow. This gives it a simple and calm appearance to the eye – particularly once they are filled up in January with the names of all the sponsors supporting the good cause,” says Peter Konggaard.

Discrete country symbols
In the past season, Team Rynkeby jerseys had very clear colours at the top that symbolised the cyclist’s home country.

This designation is now more discretely located on the left sleeve.

“It’s of great value for the cyclists that they can quickly see which country a teammate is from. For example in Paris, where a tradition of exchanging jerseys has emerged in recent years – it’s fun to bring home a jersey from a different country,” says Peter Konggaard.

Order by 20 January
Like the 2018 model, the 2019 jersey is made from Xtreme’s well-known Rapid Dry fabric, which offers excellent moisture wicking and dries very quickly. The fabric is also highly elastic and soft, making it comfortable against the skin.

The cycling jersey has a zip-through front, three pockets on the back and a practical silicone edge at the bottom to ensure that the jersey stays in place.

The new Team Rynkeby shorts are also made from a popular Lycra fabric, and the straps are crafted from a perforated fabric that helps keep the cycling shorts in place during wear.

To purchase original Team Rynkeby wear for delivery by 1 April, visit the Team Rynkeby webshop and place an order by 20 January 2019.

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