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Team Rynkeby Director: “So much to be happy about”

It was a very pleased director that welcomed nearly 2,500 Team Rynkeby participants to Paris yesterday.

The day after, Paris: If the Team Rynkeby participants sleep in a little today, it’s well-deserved. Because over the last 10 months they’ve put forth an effort that has far surpassed all expectations.

So it was a very pleased Carl Erik Dalbøge, Director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, who welcomed every single one of the yellow-clad charity cyclists to Paris when the 54 teams began arriving at the Prairie du Cercle Sud around 13:30.

“I feel that we’ve advanced somewhat this year in terms of planning and organisation. That’s not to say that there aren’t some areas for improvement, but when I speak with the teams I can see that we have succeeded in creating a better project on many parameters,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge and continues:

“We can be very, very proud of the season as a whole. And we can still look forward to doing many things even better – including in the areas of planning and information.”

Remarkably few issues
This year’s Team Rynkeby field was record-setting in terms of size.

No fewer than 2,000 cyclists and 500 volunteers in 54 Team Rynkeby teams in seven countries participated in the eight-day Tour de Paris to benefit children with critical illnesses.

And in spite of the fact that many of them had never ridden a racing bike before joining the Team Rynkeby project 10 months ago, there were remarkably few accidents or issues on this year’s tour.

”Of course there have been a few small accidents, bumps and bruises, and it’s always painful to hear about it. But there were also many teams that had no accidents whatsoever,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

“I know of two participants – a Dane and a Norwegian – who were sent home due to illness. And there is a Finn who broke an arm, and a Swede who went to the hospital after running into a post on the roadside – but everyone was okay. So we can be satisfied with how it all went in this area, too. Our teams take safety very, very seriously,” he continues.

We can do even better
Carl Erik Dalbøge will now spend the coming months evaluating this year’s Tour de Paris. One of the things he wants to bring into focus is how the Team Rynkeby Foundation can ensure a clear product for the participants while also leaving room for local differences and interpretations, aspects which have always been part of the project’s DNA.

“On the one hand, it’s a challenge to accept that there are some differences on the teams and some local ways things are done – while also maintaining a clear Team Rynkeby concept. And we still have some challenges in finding the right balance here – for example, in relation to how we move in traffic, how fast we cycle, or how many breaks we take along the way. There are some things that we’ll need to talk about in the coming months,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge and concludes:

“It’s wonderful to be truly satisfied with a project while also being aware that there are things we can do even better.”

If you would like to be part of Team Rynkeby in 2020, please apply on the Team Rynkeby website no later than 25 August 2019.

This text has been translated from Danish into English by AdHoc Translations.

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