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Team Rynkeby is partnering with organisations to ensure continued growth

From the coming season, the organisations for which Team Rynkeby raises money will cover part of the financing of the Team Rynkeby project. This is done to ensure the future growth of the project.

Team Rynkeby has undergone a tremendous development in the past years, and the project continues to hold enormous international potential, which the Team Rynkeby Foundation and Eckes-Granini want to realise.

With just under 2,700 participants spread across 57 teams in eight countries, the Team Rynkeby project has reached a size and a cost level that require us to look into a new financing model to ensure the continued development of the project.

Team Rynkeby Foundation CEO Carl Erik Dalbøge explains:

“So far, Eckes-Granini has been in charge of all project financing. However, since we have wanted to invest in spreading the Team Rynkeby project to more countries, we have had to realise that the sponsorship alone does not cover the required financing. We have therefore chosen to involve the organisations for which we raise money to ensure that the project continues to develop”, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

20-fold increase in investment
In practice, this means that Eckes-Granini will continue to finance most of the Team Rynkeby project. However, from the coming season, the partner organisations in the eight countries will invest approx. EUR 550,000 in the project. That corresponds to approx. EUR 10,000 per team – an expense that an average Team Rynkeby team will increase 20-fold during the season.

“In 2018, an average Team Rynkeby team raised around EUR 200,000, meaning that the organisations have to make a relatively modest investment in each team in order to make the project finances add up”, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

“It is naturally also in the organisations’ interest that we continue to develop the project and the fundraising, so they have hesitated to cover part of the project financing”, he explains.

Continued international growth
With the finances in place, the road has now been paved for the Team Rynkeby Foundation to push the international growth in earnest.

“In the past seven years alone, we have entered five new countries, we have tripled the number of teams and almost quintupled the fundraising result. Eckes-Granini remains a huge supporter of Team Rynkeby and still believes in the continued international development of the project. The new financing model will facilitate the internationalisation of the project”, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Since 2002, Team Rynkeby has raised EUR 56.8 million for children with critical illnesses. Last year the charity cycling team raised EUR 10.6 million in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faeroe Islands, Iceland and Germany.

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