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Team Rynkeby selects 2,697 applicants for the final pool

The Team Rynkeby Foundation has now notified the 2,697 applicants who are still in with a chance for a spot on next year’s Team Rynkeby team. Teams will be finally determined at the end of September.

Yesterday, 2,697 applicants were notified that they are still in with a chance for a spot on Team Rynkeby when the charity cycling team sets off for Paris next year for the benefit of critically ill children.

If the applicants have not already been notified that they have been selected for the team, they will be included in one of the local overall groups. These groups are typically invited to a local information meeting during which the applicants receive further information about the project and it will be possible to align one’s expectations.

As Team Rynkeby Foundation CEO Carl Erik Dalbøge explains:

- Our teams typically invite a few more applicants along to the information meetings than they really need. There are still some who apply for a spot on the team and who are surprised to learn that they will be required to participate in fundraising work and the like, and then do not wish to be involved, after all. If everyone wants to take part, however, it may be that the local team captain will have to reduce the overall group slightly - this is one of the less pleasant jobs related to the project, says the Team Rynkeby CEO.

Distributed among 57 teams
The 2,697 applicants are distributed among 57 local teams in eight countries, and the teams will be able to accommodate just over 2,100 riders and 550 support crew. The teams have to be finally selected before the end of September.

- Some of the 2,700 applicants have requested a place on the service team, so it may actually be that the whole thing aligns and we will not have to disappoint that many applicants. Applicants are typically lost in the early groupings, because they are unable to devote the necessary time to training, fundraising and social activities, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Record number of applicants
Team Rynkeby has received a record number of applications this year, but the team has still managed to select more than 85 per cent of the applicants for an overall group.

- Never before have we been able to invite such a large proportion of applicants to be part of the overall group. This is primarily a result of there being more teams and that the applicants seem to represent a useful geographic distribution relative to our local teams. I am pleased that this year many more will receive a positive response rather than a disappointing one, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

If you did not get a Team Rynkeby spot for the next season, Team Rynkeby will be open for applications for the 2021 trip at the beginning of October.

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