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The deadline for applications is approaching if you want to go to Paris with Team Rynkeby next year

If you want to go to Paris with Team Rynkeby next year, you’ll need to submit your application soon. The application deadline for next year’s team is Sunday, 25 August.

If you’re going to be one of the more than 2,000 people who’ll be pulling on the yellow jersey next year to cycle to Paris with Europe’s biggest charity cycling team, you’ll need to submit your application soon.

Sunday, 25 August is the deadline for submitting an application on the Team Rynkeby website.

According to Carl Erik Dalbøge, Director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, the application is important for potential participants.

“We want our teams to reflect the society that we’re a part of. That means that we need a rational distribution of men and women, young and older people. But at the same time we need to put together teams that we feel work well both socially and from a sporting perspective, so the applicants must also demonstrate that they are interested in contributing to fundraising for children with critical illnesses,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

A very special atmosphere

Team Rynkeby is one of the few cycling projects for which the participants undergo a genuine admission procedure. But according to Carl Erik Dalbøge, the hard work that the Team Rynkeby teams do to select the right participants means that a very special kind of team unity is created.

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“The participants have a special motivation to take part, and it creates a special atmosphere and a special commitment between them. It’s not for nothing that we have team members who continue to apply year after year – once a ‘Rynke’ always a ‘Rynke’, and even if at some point you are no longer part of the project, most members leave with some very special friendships. Many compare their 10 months in the Team Rynkeby project to being at boarding school together. It does something special to you,” says the Team Rynkeby director.

Cyclist or service volunteer
If you don’t want to make the trip to Paris by bicycle, you can also apply to be part of the 8-10 person service team that accompanies the cyclists to Paris and ensures that they don’t have to think about much else than pedalling.

“Without the service teams we couldn’t complete the project, so they are very, very important in allowing us to do what we do. And the service teams are just as important a part of the teams’ identity – perhaps even a little bit more,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

For 2020, it will cost DKK 18,915 to participate on Team Rynkeby as a cyclist. This amount covers the bicycle, cycling apparel, and seven overnight hotel stays on the journey to Paris. It costs DKK 3,650 to participate as a service volunteer.

If you would like to be part of the team, please submit your application at www.team-rynkeby.com/apply.

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